Recording At Music Feeds Studio

Music Feeds Studio is a purpose-built recording studio situated in Sydney's Inner West. The space, previously occupied by Megaphon Studios, has seen over 25 years of rich Australian music history revolve through its doors.

The main recording room is a spacious 100m sq and can easily accommodate live band recordings, string sections, choirs and large ensembles. The room has also gained a notable reputation amongst engineers and musicians alike as one of the best drum rooms in Sydney. The timber floors and walls give some great character, and the open space is perfect for capturing a big rock drum sound.

Music Feeds Studio is also home to a beautiful Yamaha C5 baby grand piano, a favourite amongst jazz groups and singer-songwriters. Our facilities also boast two isolation rooms, for vocals, amp isolation, or other acoustic instruments, as well as a large and comfy control room which can also be utilised for an extra tracking space if needed.

The control room features a 40-channel analogue Raindirk LN Symphony console, an Otari MTR-90 2" tape machine, as well an array of tasty analogue pre-amps and outboard gear. The studio also houses more modern hardware including a Pro Tools HD system, running ProTools HD v. 10 with an extensive selection of DSP and Native Plugins.

In the past, some amazing records have been made in this very studio including albums by Midnight Oil, You Am I, Grinspoon, Ian Moss, The Jezabels, Bluejuice, The Hard-Ons, Dappled Cities, Tina Harrod, The Necks and many, many more.

More recently, Music Feeds Studio has also been streaming and recording live performance sessions to the web, and have hosted notable bands such as Birds of Tokyo, Franz Ferdinand, You Me At Six, City and Colour, Boy & Bear, The Preatures, Sticky Fingers and more.

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Phone 02 8089 1210 or email your requests or enquiries.

Other Services We Offer


The experienced engineers at Music Feeds Studio can mix your live recordings, studio recordings, bedroom recordings or location recordings in the Music Feeds studio control room.

The large, acoustically designed control room features oodles of quality mixing gear (full list below) that can be utilised to enhance and polish your recordings. The Music Feeds engineers can upload mixes for client approval, saving you the hassle of travelling back and forth to the studio and sitting around for hours listening to your tracks on repeat. We can also upload approved mixes direct to the mastering studio (if required) so your recordings can be completed and delivered without you needing to move.

Live Performance Audio/Visual

Record your performance live in HD video - fully edited, shot on 5 cameras, with studio lighting.

Multitrack audio recordings: recorded to 2" tape or ProTools and mixed in studio using analogue outboard gear and plugins. You'll get a fully edited/mixed HD video ready for upload to YouTube, and a copy of the audio mix for SoundCloud, iTunes and Spotify distribution.

Live Recording/Streaming

Whether you want to stream your message to the world via your blog/website, host a live interview, or stage a full scale live stream social event, we can cater to your digital needs.

Optional: Stream your performance live to the world and invite your biggest fans to join you at the event. Music Feeds Studio can help you host a unique live stream event with onsite catering for an in-studio/rooftop special online event.

Filmed/Recorded Interviews

You provide the presenter, we provide everything else: location, production staff, cameras and audio equipment. Your interview will be shot in HD with high quality audio ready to upload to YouTube the next day.

Podcast Recordings

Want to record your podcast in high quality so your listeners can actually hear it? Contact us now for an hourly rate or package quote.


Our in-house photographer can snap high quality photos of your stream/performance sessions for publishing and social media sharing during/post event.

Video Editing

We can provide of full range of video editing services.

Live Tape Sessions

Yes, that's right! Live tape sessions filmed in HD, recorded to 2" tape and mixed on outboard gear.

Contact us at studio@musicfeeds.com.au or phone 02 8089 1210 to discuss detailed packages and pricing.

Live In The Studio

Gear & Equipment

Digital Recording Hardware

  • Digidesign HD Sync Box
  • 2 x Digidesign HD 192’s & Cards
  • 1 x Apple Mac Pro 2.8 GHz Quad-Core Intel Xeon Running Pro Tools HD10.3


  • 1 x Pair Focal Twin 6BE powered studio Monitors
  • 1 x Pair Mackie MR8 Active Studio Monitors
  • 1 x Pair Yamaha NS10’s
  • 1 x Amcron Power base 2 amplifier
  • 1 x Pair Aurotones
  • 2 x QSC K12 powered speakers

Outboard Gear

  • 2 x Brook F-96 Compressors
  • 1 x DBX 160 X Compressor
  • 1 x DBX 160 XT Compressor
  • 2 x Empirical Labs Distressor
  • 2 x Empirical Labs Lil Freq EQ
  • 1 x LA Audio Classic stereo Compressor
  • 1 x Smart Research C2 Dual mono/ stereo compressor
  • 1 x Urei LA-4 Compressor/Limiter
  • 1 x Urei 1178 Dual Peak Limiter
  • 3 x Neve AMS EQ Modules

Effects Boxes

  • 1 x Alessis Quadraverb
  • 1 x Behringer Virtualizer Pro
  • 1 x CSR series Spring Reverb
  • 1 x Eventide Eclipse Harmonizer Effects processor
  • 1 x Eventide h2000 - D/SX Ultra Harmonizer
  • 1 x Roland Space Echo RE-150
  • 1 x Yamaha SPX 90
  • 1 x Eventide h2000

Mixing Console

  • 1 x 40 channel Raindirk LN Symphony series + patch bay & EDAC connectors + power supply
  • 2 x 24 channel tape in multicores with male XLR connectors
  • 2 x 24 channel tape out multicores with female XLR connectors
  • 1 x 24 channel EDAC through connector
  • 1 x Allen & Heath QU16 mixing console


  • 10 x Audio Technica ATH-M50 headphones
  • 1 x Audio Technica ATH-AD900 headphones
  • 6 x Sennheiser HD 280 pro headphones
  • 2 x Fostex T20 headphones
  • 4 x Fostex T9 Headphones
  • 4 x 4 way Headphone splitter boxes with low impedance
  • 1 x Pair Bose loudspeakers for talkback in recording room


  • 1x Yamaha Acoustic Guitar
  • 1 x Yamaha C5 Grand Piano
  • 1 x Yamaha Custom Oak drum kit
  • 1 x Fender Bassman Amp Head
  • 1 x Fender twin reverb guitar amp
  • 1 x Line 6 Bass Combo
  • 1 x Line 6 Spider II Stereo Amp head
  • 1 x Line 6 4x12 Quad box
  • 1 x Marshall JCM-800 4x12 Quad Box (4 ohms)
  • 1 x Marshall JCM-800 4x12 Quad Box (16 ohms)
  • 1 x Vox AC-30 valve amp head
  • Assorted Percussion Instruments

Music Stands

  • 12 x black music stands


  • 2 X AKG C414 B-Uls
  • 1 X AKG C451 Eb
  • 1 X AKG D12
  • 1 X AKG D112
  • 1 X AKG D3600
  • 2 X AKG Se 300B
  • 1 X Audio-Technica AT 2020
  • 1 X Audio-Technica AT 2021
  • 1 X Audio-Technica AT 4033a
  • 1 X Audio-Technica AT 4041
  • 1 X Audio-Technica AT 4050
  • 1 X Audio-Technica AT 4060 Valve
  • 2 X Audio-Technica AT 4080 Ribbon
  • 2 X Audio-Technica AT 4081 Ribbon
  • 1 X Audio-Technica AT 5040
  • 1 X Audio-Technica AT 8035 Directional Boom Mic
  • 1 X Audio-Technica AE 2500 Dual Capsule Kick Drum Mic
  • 5 X Audio-Technica AE 6100
  • 3 X Audio-Technica AE 8004L Handheld
  • 4 X Audio-Technica ATM 650
  • 3 X Audio-Technica ATM 250
  • 1 X Beyerdynamic M201N(C)
  • 1 X Beyerdynamic M380
  • 2 X Beyerdynamic M88Tg
  • 1 X Coles Electroacoustics 4038 Ribbon
  • 2 X DPA 4090
  • 1 X JTS CX508 (Clip On Mic)
  • 1 X Microtech Geffel GMBH M94
  • 1 X Microtech Geffel UM92S (+ Power Supply)
  • 2 X Neumann KMI 84
  • 1 X Neumann U77
  • 2 X Octava MC012 W Changeable Capsules
  • 1 X Rode S1
  • 1 X SE Electronics Gemini II Dual Valve Cardiod Condensor
  • 1 X SE Electronics Z5600a Tube Mic
  • 3 X Sennheiser MD421
  • 1 X Sennheiser MD521
  • 1 X Sennheiser 441
  • 2 X Shure SM58
  • 2 X Shure SM57
  • 2 X Shure Beta 57A
  • 1 X Shure Beta 52A
  • 1 X Shure SM7B
  • 2 X Sony C-48 Multi Pattern Condenser

Mic Pres

  • 8 Channels Shadow Hills Gama8 Golden Age Microphone Amps
  • 4 Channels API 3124+ pre amps
  • 5 x Otari mic pres (homebuild)
  • 2 x Neve AMS Mic Preamp Modules with Compressor/Limiter
  • 1 x Telefunken V672 Dual Channel Pre

Tape Machine

  • 1 x 24 track MTR 90 Tape Machine

Video Equipment

  • 1 x SONY HXR-MC 1500P HD Video Camera
  • 1 x Canon EOS 600D DSLR camera
  • 1 x Canon EOS 7D DSLR Camera
  • 1 x JVC GZ-E10 Full HD Everio Camcorder
  • 1 x Roland V-800 HD vision Mixer
  • 1 x Blackmagic Design Intensity Extreme HDMI Capture and Playback device
  • 1 x Libec TH-650 DV Tripod
  • 2 x Lightweight Tripods
  • 1 x Lupo Superlight 3000 (6 x 55 watt Fluorescent light with Dimmer) with Stand


  • 3 x Fender guitar stools
  • 5 x Billy Hydes sand bags
  • 12 x Music Stands
  • 3 x Microphone Pop Shields
  • 110v power converter


Mailing Address

  • PO Box 3311
    Marrickville Metro,
    NSW 2204

Find Us Here

  • Located inside Precinct 75
  • Level 2, Building 8
    70 Edith St,
    St Peters 2044

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